Backflow Protection

All connections to the Gilbert-Summit Rural Water District's water system must be protected by a minimum Residential Dual Check Valve. This is to protect and maintain the water system so as to continuously provide safe and potable water in sufficient quantity and pressure, and to be free from potential hazards to the health of its customers.

Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

If a simple low hazard lawn irrigation sprinkler system is installed the following testable devices must be installed and tested annually: double check valve assembly (DCVA), pressure vacuum breaker assembly (PVBA), or an atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB). If chemicals are aspirated or injected into lawn irrigation systems or there is an unapproved auxiliary water supply tied into lawn irrigation sprinkler systems, this type of system will be considered a high hazard cross connection; therefore, the only acceptable protective devices will be a reduced pressure principle backflow assembly (RPBA) or an approved air gap separation.

The customer is responsible to have the device tested. A test form and list of certified testers will be mailed out annually near the time that the test is due. The completed test form documenting the satisfactory operation of the device (including repairs if needed) must be returned to the Water District office where it will be kept on file.

For a current list of SCDHEC Certified General Backflow Testers (listed by county), click on button below.